About us

We specialise in providing professional language trainings to companies, institutions and corporations.

We deliver language trainings such as : standard ones, non- standard ones, general, intensive language courses closely related to Business trainings based on the principle of “ custom fit approach” in which a client decides which course they want to pursue.

Our trainings are strongly adjusted to the clients’ requirements, we cater for all our clients’ needs, the analysis and continuous monitoring of each course is one of our priorities to perfect our offer.

In today’s world in which globalisation prevails, quick and effective communication plays a vital role whereas learning and knowing foreign languages is a must no one can undermine especially in business. Making and maintaining business contacts without a proper language preparation seems to be a barrier which can hamper the development of a given company at the longer run.

The goal of our company is to diagnose the needs of our clients in the range of linguistic skills, preparation, execution and assessment of a language course, improvement of employees’ language skills as well as determining further room for a company development. We are constantly looking for excellent solutions in language trainings as far as time, financial and content constraints are concerned.