An offer

In our offer  clients can find a wide range of  language trainings which are specifically designed to suit  needs of a corporate client.

We provide the following language trainings:

  • general
  • specific
  • intensive
  • individual

Our offer also comprises  the following trainings:

Successful managers- this is an intensive language course for managers in which the main focus is placed on such skills as : negotiations, preparing and delivering presentations, meetings, fluent  communication  on business and related  issues.

Fluent business communication –  for all those who would like to speak fluently and correctly being placed in a business context.

English for Telephoning- making telephone calls in a foreign  language in an unstressful way,adjusting to different accents in business contexts.

Client management- for those who have contacts with clients and for whom professional client service in terms of  language correctness is of paramount importance.

Language coaching on a given position- this is relatively the most intensive language training  tightly in line witha given position in which lexis and structures are subject to the characteristics of a given job.